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We work with organisations in a narrow band of OD focused on exceptional performance

Our engagements commence with an in-depth need understanding and diagnostic process. Tools deployed include 1:1 conversations with CXO’s and key stakeholders, focus group discussions (single or dual moderator) and surveys.  The focus is to identify and study factors that have a causal relationship with desired business outcomes. We focus on issues concerning vision clarity and its percolation, goal setting and risk taking, culture, managing conflict, achievement motivation and leveraging interdependence. 

We partner with organisations in the following areas. Occasionally, some of these are deployed as stand alone programmes.



1. Fostering a high performance culture

Our belief and experience are that performance exceptionality is bred by the actions of a few. We engage CXO’s and Hi-Po’s in an intense and immersive process of envisioning breakthrough possibilities while candidly examining the limits imposed by existing beliefs, behaviour patterns and the resulting culture.  The process stirs to question the status quo, to explore, to re-define and create the organisational language and synergy, necessary for breakthrough performance.

Key executives are coached in interdependent groups as well as 1:1.  The language to the larger organisation is cascaded via the LSIP methodology to align, energise and act towards the vision.

2. Leading through a crisis

A powerful toolkit to help leaders prepare themselves to navigate the unexpected and the unknown.

This programme delves into managing the present, leveraging adversity and getting back on the growth trajectory.

3. Leadership Effectiveness

We create bespoke programmes for leadership effectiveness demanded in a high-stakes, high performance environment. Our programmes address mindset and skill attributes to catalyse action of breakthrough possibilities.  An experiential learning design facilitates shifts to desired ways of being.

4. Mentoring Movements

Research reinforces that a culture that promotes mentoring also promotes engagement. Our experience designing mentoring movements has led us to see a host of benefits for mentors, mentees and in the overall culture. We partner with organisations to co-create mentoring programmes that are impactful and scalable.