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A Fortune 100 Organization

A Fortune 100 MNC had a change in the India leadership at a turbulent time for the company and industry. The new leader was embarking on a large-scale change project in line with a re-visioned future and strategic imperatives. The first initiative was to enrol the top leadership and the top 100 leaders in a process of co-creation.

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A telecom infrastructure provider

A telecom infrastructure provider had grown rapidly and was experiencing the early stages of plateauing of growth. The financial metrics were stable, and the HR team noticed initial signs of some cultural issues to be addressed. The initial need communicated to us was to conduct a couple of stand-alone People-management skill programmes.

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A large scale manufacturing organization

A leading textile manufacturer was hard hit by a slowdown in exports that posed existential threats. Given the scale of challenge there were multiple processes being explored and we were called in to diagnose the situation and provide our recommendations.

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