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A leading textile manufacturer

A leading textile manufacturer was hard hit by a business slowdown, one that posed an existential threat. Given the scale of the challenge there were multiple processes being explored and we were called in to diagnose the situation and provide recommendations.


From a cultural and mindset lens, we undertook a multi-level, multi stakeholder diagnostic effort. What we gathered as data and insight was the need for employees to have clarity of direction and action, in what was an extremely tense and fluid situation. Working with the leaders we arrived at an unambiguous and easily comprehended message – that every single employee either generates specific additional revenue or uses their role to reduce wastage and cost. The broad parameters of how this could be done were also suggested.

Using the LSIP approach we designed to cover all employees, 10,000+ , across every single function and level, over a fortnight to:

  • Outline the ‘as-is” situation unambiguously, build sensitivity and ownership for the role that each employee had to play to get the organisation through this situation.
  • Shared with employees through carefully crafted sessions the breakthrough mindset and the possibilities that exist in adversity, using a mix of dialogue, activity, and appreciative inquiry.
  • The why, what, and how were sought out and articulated clearly. Facilitated conversations leveraged the collective experience to generate actionable specifics
  • The exercise was supplemented by technical skill- based training provided, post our LSIP.


  • The initiative was spread over a month and by the end of the first week initial reports on reduced manufacturing waste and rejections coupled with small to medium customer wins by sales started coming in.
  • This momentum sustained and over the course of the following months the challenge was managed, and the organisation saw through it.
  • Engagement scores shot up, driven by employee involvement in crafting and successfully executing their revival.

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A telecom infrastructure provider

A telecom infrastructure provider had grown rapidly and was experiencing the early stages of plateauing of growth. The financial metrics were stable, and the HR team noticed initial signs of some cultural issues to be addressed. The initial need communicated to us was to conduct a couple of stand-alone People-management skill programmes.

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