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A Telecom infrastructure provider

A telecom infrastructure provider had grown rapidly and was experiencing the early stages of plateauing growth and the HR team noticed early signs of some cultural issues to be addressed. The initial mandate was to conduct a couple of stand-alone “People-management skills” programmes.


We visited two circles for diagnostic conversations across levels. We gathered: 

  • A widespread leadership belief in number delivery at any
  • People issues were seen as HR responsibilities and offsite events would be enough to assuage any people related issues.
  • A highly task-only culture, with its many offshoots that included a lack of empathy, lack of interpersonal trust and collaboration.
  • A lack of appreciation that growth was tapering and a silo’d approach was leading to unresolved conflict and loss of efficiency.

 Our recommendation was to address leadership mindsets and beliefs first, and then follow up with addressing skills.

 What was envisaged as a 2-workshop mandate, became a 3- phase engagement, rolled out across all the operating circles, over 2 years.

  • Phase 1: Customised 3-day breakthrough immersions
  • Phase 2: 1:1 coaching for all circle’s leadership team members, nationally.
  • Phase 3: 3-day skill enhancement sessions


  • Leaders reported a sharper awareness of the impact of their styles on people, culture, and performance.
  • Significantly enhanced candour and synergy, silo’d approach reduced.
  • A culture that valued receiving and providing feedback.
  • Skill building on enhancing engagement

All this was geared towards creating an assertive orientation-based work environment.

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